Bandai Candy Division "Ojamajo Doremi Item Collection
(Image taken from the official website)


Doremi Item Collection Bandai Candy Division will sell "Ojamajo Doremi Item Collection". The release date is around June. The price is 660 yen (including tax).

Let's relive the excitement of those days again! From "Ojamajo Doremi" comes a new case collection with a cute miniature size of approximately 50mm, shining like an accessory. Each one is made with gold plating, hot stamping, clear molding, gold ball chain ......, and other gorgeous specifications packed with sparkles and glitter.

The Reese Poron comes with a rotating gimmick that allows it to be spun around, while the others are case-shaped when the lid is opened. Apprentice Tap" and "Rhythm Tap" are re-recorded from the "Tap Case Collection," but upgraded to gorgeous specifications with hot stamping on some parts! Includes 1 miniature toy and 1 piece of gum (soda flavor).

There are 6 types in total, and the lineup is as follows

1. Apprentice Tap
2. Rhythm Tap
3. Reese Poron
4. Patrane Cole
5. Patissier Diary
6. Pure Lin Hana-chan Compact

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