FamilyMart "Morinaga Ramune Grape Frappe

FamilyMart's "FAMIMA CAFE" Frappe series will release a "Morinaga Ramune Grape Frappe" on August 9, containing grains of ramune, inspired by the taste of Morinaga Seika's long-selling "Morinaga Ramune [Grape]" confectionery. The price is 298 yen (tax included).

Morinaga Ramune Grape Frappe

The collaboration of Morinaga Ramune Grape Frappe, which was released in 2021 and was very popular, is now available in a new grape flavor. The "Morinaga Ramune Grape Frappe" is made from grainy ramune grains specially designed for frappes, inspired by the taste of Morinaga Ramune [Grape].

The grape grains have a strong presence and express the juicy taste of grapes. The large grains of shaved ice are used to create a crunchy texture. With packaging that replicates Morinaga Ramune, this frappe is perfect for summer.

FamilyMart "Morinaga Ramune Grape Frappe

From August 9 to August 15, present the official FamilyMart app "Famipay" to purchase a Morinaga Ramune Grape Frappe, and Famipay will give you a coupon for a free Morinaga Ramune. The exchange period is from August 9 to August 22.

The tax-included price is indicated at 8% of the consumption tax rate for products subject to the reduced tax rate.
Some stores may not offer these products.