Kanro "Jururu Muscat of Alexandria

Kanro will sell "Jyururu Muscat of Alexandria," a luxurious candy with jellied flavor that tastes like eating real muscats. It will go on sale on August 2. The estimated price is 162 yen for a 39g (1.38oz) jar and 227 yen for a 65g (2.29oz) jar (tax included). (Tax included).

Juruuru Muscat of Alexandria

Jyururu Muscat of Alexandria" is a candy made from the juice of Muscat of Alexandria. The outside of the candy has a refreshing, fresh taste of muscat, while the juicy sweetness of the julée inside is reproduced. The jellies have a soft and mellow texture, reminiscent of real jellies, and the fruity taste will fill your mouth as if you were eating real muscats.

The packaging has been redesigned with a bold design that makes it easy to recognize that the product is "jellied. The middle size (39g (1.38oz)), sold exclusively at convenience stores, has a bright pop design with a pink background. The 65g (2.29oz) package has a deep blue gradation that catches the eye in stores.