Ministop YAMITSU Kitchen "Rock Pork

Ministop will sell "Rock Pork," which looks like a rock (rock) and has a lumpy form. The release date is July 15. The price is 218.16 yen (tax included).

Rock Pork

Rock Pork" is an easy-to-eat meat made from pork with a good balance of lean and fat, hand-stabbed in a lumpy, random orientation, and seasoned with garlic and pepper for a punchy taste. It is a hearty dish that meets various demands for snacks, side dishes, and nibbles. Since last year, the amount of garlic and pepper has been increased for a wilder taste. The calorie count is 179 kcal per serving.

Ministop YAMITSU KITCHEN "Rock Pork" is a good choice when you want a hearty meal. Order it when you see it.

Tax included prices are based on the reduced tax rate of 8% applied to take-out. The standard tax rate of 10% applies when eating and drinking at the eat-in space.