Ministop "Char siu lunch box"

From Ministop, the 4th generation "Char Siu Bento", which is a renewal of the popular bento that has sold more than 1 million meals, will be on sale. The price is 599 yen (tax included).

Char siu lunch

Ministop, which aims to be a "meal destination store" that makes you want to go every day, has a luxuriously arranged four "thick-sliced char siu" that you can confidently deliver. In this renewal, 4 pieces of "thick but soft addictive char siu" are left as they are, and the easy-to-eat chopped char siu is topped underneath to improve the eating response and volume.

We use pork rose char siu, which is characterized by its thickness, and carefully seasoned it with our special soy sauce and Shinshu miso. The char siu, which has been slowly roasted for about two and a half hours, is a self-confident work with a handmade feel that is soft and melts in the mouth of meat and fat. The sweet and spicy homemade pork that goes well with char siu has a delicious finish even when it is soaked in rice.