Feel like a world traveler for 100 yen! Introducing "Traveling Nuts" sold at Daiso.

Traveling Mixed Nuts

The four types purchased were "Maple Cinnamon Flavor" from Canada, "Spicy Chili Flavor" from Mexico, "Italian Salt & Lemon Flavor" from Italy, and "Sansho Flavor" from Japan. The packages are designed with the ingredients and flags of the countries that inspired each flavor. Each one is priced at 108 yen (tax included).

Daiso "Traveling Mixed Nuts

All nuts are almonds, peanuts, and cashews, and each bag contains 24 g of nuts, making it a perfect snack.

Maple cinnamon flavor

The nuts are crispy and light to chew. The nuts are light and crispy, with a sweet maple aroma. The cinnamon is only slightly noticeable, so even if you don't like cinnamon, you won't mind it too much. On the other hand, if you like cinnamon, you can enjoy the aroma more clearly by following the cinnamon.

Daiso "Traveling Mixed Nuts Maple Cinnamon Flavor

Spicy chili flavor

The first thing you feel in your mouth when you take a bite of the reddish nuts is the saltiness. You think it is a surprisingly mild flavor, but it is followed by a piquancy. As you continue eating, you will be left with a sensation that your tongue is gradually numbed. The spicy hot taste lingers on.

Daiso "Traveling Mixed Nuts Spicy Chili Flavor"

Italian Salt & Lemon Flavor

The savory taste of nuts and the salty taste of salt are perfectly matched. The richness of the nuts and the lemon give a refreshing impression.

Daiso "Traveling Mixed Nuts Italian Salt & Lemon Flavor"

Sansho flavor

After the salty taste, it has a freshness different from that of lemon. The aroma is easily absorbed into the nose and has a cool aftertaste. It goes well with sake as well as beer.

Daiso "Traveling Mixed Nuts, Prickly Ash Flavor

Traveling Mixed Nuts" has different flavors to give you a taste of each country's individuality. The strong flavor makes even a small amount satisfying. It is recommended as a snack to fill a small stomach, an accompaniment to alcoholic beverages, or as a topping for salads.

Daiso "Traveling Mixed Nuts