Queen Pistachio "Peeled Pistachio Maple Cinnamon" "Peeled Pistachio Asian Chile"

"Pistachio" has become quite popular with various products. Queen pistachio "Peeled pistachio maple cinnamon" and "Peeled pistachio Asian chili" were discovered at Seijo Ishii.

Queen pistachios

The letter "P" wearing a tiara like a queen pistachio is a landmark. In addition to "Maple Cinnamon" and "Ajiantiri", "Sicilian Salt & Lemon" and "Sansho" flavors are also available (sold out this time ...). The price is 298 yen each (excluding tax).

Queen Pistachio "Peeled Pistachio Maple Cinnamon" "Peeled Pistachio Asian Chile"

Peeled pistachio maple cinnamon

When you chew the crispy and fragrant pistachio, the maple flavor is fluffy. A slightly spicy cinnamon works in a sweet scent. Excellent compatibility with mellow richness and sweetness. Perfect to accompany coffee or tea.

Queen Pistachio "Peeled Pistachio Maple Cinnamon"

Peeled pistachio Asian chili

It is seasoned with chili pepper seasoning, which uses chili pepper, salt, lemon powder, and chili powder. The first thing that spreads when you eat it is the refreshing flavor of pistachio. The spiciness will slowly chase afterwards. A taste that is addictive due to the combination of moderate saltiness and spiciness. Great for beer.

Queen Pistachio "Peeled Pistachio Asian Chile"

Alternately eating maple cinnamon and hydrangea will keep you from eating in an endless sweet and salty loop. Both are "bare meat", so it's nice to be able to eat them easily without having to break the shell. By all means for snacks and sake snacks that fill your stomach!