Soukenbicha" BT21 original design bottle (600ml PET)

The second "Soukenbicha BT21 Original Design Bottle (600ml (20.29us fl oz) PET)" will be available for a limited time starting July 25. In conjunction with the release, the "Soukenbicha | BT21 LOVE Campaign Vol. 2" will also be launched.

Soukenbicha BT21 Original Design Bottle (600ml (20.29us fl oz) PET) Vol. 2

Soukenbicha" and "BT21" launched the first "Soukenbicha" BT21 Original Design Bottle (600ml (20.29us fl oz) PET) in May this year with the idea of "sending love" to people in this time of reduced human connections due to the Corona disaster, and it was a great success. For the second product, a BT21 original design bottle with an even stronger message will be released, and a campaign will also be conducted.

The limited-time package design depicts seven BT21 characters (KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, TATA, and COOKY). The heart motif is inspired by the tag team's concept of "Delivering Love.

Soukenbicha" BT21 original design bottle (600ml PET)

Soukenbicha | BT21 LOVE Campaign Vol. 2

Sokenbicha will release a web video featuring the characters of BT21 on the official YouTube account of Sokenbicha from midnight on July 25, 2012. Details will be announced on the official Sokenbicha Twitter account (@SokenbichaJapan).

By scanning the 2D code on the label of the product, entrants will be entered into a drawing to win "Sokenbicha | BT21 Original Goods". 1 point (1 Love mile) can be earned per day for each bottle purchased. The "Mileage Campaign for Everyone" will also be held to increase the number of goods that can be applied for when the total number of entries reaches a certain level.

Soukenbicha | BT21 LOVE Campaign Vol.2

The first phase of the campaign will end at 11:59 p.m. on July 24, and the second phase will begin at 10:00 a.m. on July 25. The first "Soukenbicha" BT21 original design bottle (600ml (20.29us fl oz) PET) can also be used to apply for the second campaign, and the miles accumulated in the first campaign can be used for the second campaign, but the goods to be won are different between the first and second campaigns.