Matsunoya "Mackerel Miso Gozen

Saba Miso Gozen" will be available at Matsunoya and Matsunoya on June 29 at 3:00 p.m. (except at some stores). It will not be sold at the Matsuya x Matsunoya combined store.

Saba Miso Gozen

Saba Miso, which first appeared at Matsuya in March 2021 and gained popularity, is now available at Matsunoya. "Sometimes I want to eat something other than fried food at Matsunoya! ", the "Mackerel Miso Gozen" will be on sale, featuring mackerel, which is nutritious and full of flavor, slowly simmered in miso.

Matsunoya "Mackerel Miso Gozen

The "Saba Miso Gozen" is a "taste of Japan" that will make you think, "I never knew white rice could taste so good. A choice of a small bowl of cooked food includes "chilled tofu," "fried tofu (2 pieces)," and "croquette (1 piece). You can enjoy a luxurious meal.

Prices are the same in the restaurant and to-go, including tax. Miso soup for take-out is available separately for 60 yen.

Mackerel stewed in miso sauce (1 croquette): 690 yen
Miso-nimono mackerel set meal (cold tofu): 690 yen
Miso-ni-gozen with mackerel (2 pieces of fried tofu) 790 yen

Matsunoya "Mackerel Miso Gozen

Matsunoya offers a "free rice refill" service at 170 stores nationwide. You can enjoy as many servings of safe and secure rice made from domestic rice as you like.