Distribution of "0 yen commuter pass" started at Matsuya

Distribution of "MATSUCA 0 yen commuter pass" will start from 10 am on October 20th at "Matsuya" for beef rice, curry, set meals, and other bowls.

MATSUCA 0 yen commuter pass

The "MATSUCA 0 Yen Coupon" can be used for beef rice by scanning the QR code on the face of the ticket when purchasing a meal ticket at Matsuya during the period from October 20 (Tuesday) 10:00 am to November 17 (Tuesday).・ A great coupon that offers a 30 yen discount for curry, a 50 yen discount for standard rice bowls, and a 70 yen discount for standard grilled beef set meals. You can use it as many times as you like during the period. Supports both in-store eating and drinking and take-out.


Distribution start: October 20, 2020 (Tuesday) 10 am-
* Limited quantity, distribution will end as soon as it runs out Valid period: From October 20, 2020 (Tuesday) to November 17, 2020 (Tuesday) Target stores: Matsuya nationwide except for some stores * Tenri PA Up Line Store / Tenri PA Down Line Store, Oi Racecourse Store, Nishimiya Meisho SA Store, Kansai Gakuin University Store, Sakai PA Store, Keiyo Ichikawa PA Down Line Store, Shiratori PA Down Line Store, Okuya PA Up Line Store, Kakegawa PA (Down Line) Stores are not eligible: During the period, among the following target products, beef rice and curry are discounted by 30 yen, standard bowls are discounted by 50 yen, and standard grilled meat set meals are discounted by 70 yen.
Target products: (Premium) Beef Meshi / Plenty of Negi (Premium) Spicy Negitama Beef Meshi / (Premium) Grated Beef Meshi / Kimkar Bowl / Plenty of Negi Negi Salted Pork Shoulder Loin Bowl / Original Curry / Karegyu / Beef Yakiniku Set Meal / Calvi Yakiniku set meal / "Beef shoulder loin" pork roasted meat set meal / "Pork shoulder loin" ginger grilled set meal / Bibin bowl * Various sizes are available (lunch is also available)


* This coupon will be distributed to one person who eats (including lunch) * This coupon can be used in combination with other service tickets and meal tickets, as well as Matsuben Net, mobile orders, Matsuben delivery, and telephone reservations. Lunch boxes and drive-through lunch boxes are not supported. * Discounts are limited to menus sold at the stores used. * Products may not be available if out of stock. * Target products may change or be discontinued without notice. Yes * QR code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Co., Ltd.

How to Use

1. First of all, hold it over the "QR code reader" at the bottom of the screen of the touch panel ticket vending machine.
2. After reading is completed, "Coupon accepted" is displayed on the touch screen.
3. When the screen returns to the "in-store" or "lunch box" selection screen, select one.
4. When the coupon menu is displayed, purchase the desired menu
5. This coupon is exclusively for use at ticket vending machines.