QBG Usamaru Marshmallow - with fluffy drawstring and original charm -" from Quimby Garden

QBG Usamaru marshmallow with fluffy drawstring and original charm will be on sale from June 23 at the official online store of Quimby Garden. The price is 2,050 yen (tax included). Limit 2 items per person.

QBG Usamaru marshmallow with fluffy drawstring and original charm

QBG Usamaru Marshmallow is a set of rich and fluffy marshmallows in a Usamaru & Usako drawstring. The dough is made of pure honey, the pride of a manufacturer specializing in honey, and the inside is filled with refreshing lemon sauce. The fluffy original drawstring has an embroidered design of Usamaru and Sasako chewing on marshmallows. This limited edition product is a must-have for Usamaru fans, who can enjoy the fluffy and dreamy feeling of the marshmallow in their hands and mouths.

The plump marshmallow, just like Usamaru's cheeks, is a big size and very satisfying to eat. The luxurious dessert marshmallow that overturns the concept of marshmallow has been created in cooperation with Ishimura Mansakido, the long-established store that invented "Marshmallow Day," the original White Day, more than 40 years ago. The marshmallow is kneaded with pure honey from a honey specialty store, and the texture is characterized by its thick, airy, fine texture. When you put it in your mouth, the refreshing lemon sauce overflows from the inside.

The original drawstring is soft and fluffy to the touch, just like a plush toy, and is decorated with warm embroidery of Usamaru and Sasako with their mouths full of marshmallows, giving it a high quality finish. The clean blue ribbon is stylish and makes a perfect gift. An original wood charm with the warmth of wood is included.