Monhun "Kamra no sato bunny dango" (village of Kamra)

Maruhachi Confectionery offers "Kamura no Sato Usa Dango," dumplings inspired by items appearing in the game "Monster Hunter Rise," for sale exclusively at its factory-direct stores.

Kamura no Sato Bunny Dango

Kamura no Sato Usa Dango" are dumplings made in the image of the "Usa Dango," an item that appears in the extremely popular game "Monster Hunter Rise" by the world-famous video game manufacturer Capcom. The dumplings are brightly colored and have a cute appearance, recreated to please Monster Hunter fans. The dumplings are also carefully selected for their taste so that they will surprise you with their deliciousness, while keeping in mind the world of the game.

The only place in the world where you can get the official "Kamura no Sato Bunny Dumplings" for sale in stores is at the factory's direct sales stores. They make great gifts for fellow hunters and children who are Mon-Han fans.

The "bunny dumplings" that appear in the game are items that can be eaten to acquire various abilities. The materials that came up as candidates for these abilities were "hypnotic effect = relax = mint" and "lightning resistance = tingling = sansho," materials that had rarely been used in conventional ideas.

When we actually tried out the prototypes, the flavors of the dumplings and these ingredients did not blend well, and we had a hard time wrapping our heads around it. Then, we came up with the idea of adding "mint + chocolate" and "sansho + ginger," each of which are also suitable for Japanese sweets, to the dumplings. The idea was to add one of each of these ingredients, which are also suitable for Japanese sweets, to the dumplings. This worked wonderfully to tie the flavors together, creating an unexpectedly surprising and delicious taste.