Maruhachi Confectionery "Watermelon Dumpling (Choco Manto Watermelon)

Maruhachi Seika

Watermelon Dumplings (Choco Manto Watermelon

) Maruhachi Seika will start selling watermelon dumplings (Choco Manto Watermelon) for the summer season on July 7 at its online store and Rakuten site. 200 sets will be available in a watermelon pattern package. The price is 972 yen (tax included) for three dumplings.




Manto Watermelon Flavor

) The development of these dumplings began with the desire to encourage younger people to enjoy dumplings and to make them tasty and enjoyable even during the hot season, and the watermelon-flavored, watermelon-shaped dumplings (Choco Manto Watermelon), which incorporate watermelon juice to the limit, were created.

Maruhachi Confectionery "Watermelon Dumpling (Choco Manto Watermelon)

Since its launch, we have always been committed to the delicious watermelon flavor and cute shape of the dumpling. The striped pattern on the outside is a blend of chocolate flavored with watermelon. The chocolatier blends the chocolate into a thin coating, and hand-draws the striped pattern on the watermelon skin one by one to make it more realistic. The red dumplings inside are made with watermelon juice to the utmost limit for a fresh and robust flavor. In addition, the watermelon seeds are represented by black sesame seeds, which give the dumplings a delightful crunchy texture.

This year, only a set of three dumplings will be available in a limited quantity of 200 sets in a watermelon pattern package. The outer package, the product film, and the dumplings all have a watermelon pattern. The company's own website and Rakuten store will each sell 100 sets, for a total of 200 sets. When the planned quantity is sold out, the watermelon-patterned package will be discontinued for the season, but the watermelon dumplings will be available until August 31.