Choco Manto Watermelon Flavor" is a dumpling that looks and tastes like watermelon.
Three watermelon brothers?

Choco Manto Watermelon Flavor

Choco Manto Watermelon Flavor" is sold by Maruhachi Seika. The price is 1,500 yen (excluding tax) for six pieces. Limited quantities available.

The "Choco Manto Watermelon Flavor" dumplings, which look and taste like watermelon, are a popular product that has sold out quickly after their release in 2015 and 2016. The dumplings are made with our famous Japanese rice flour and filled with watermelon juice. The watermelon seeds are represented by sesame seeds. The outside is made with a special blend of chocolate supervised by a chocolatier. The unique striped pattern of the watermelon is hand-drawn one by one. For more information, please visit the official Maruhachi Confectionery Web site.