Imuraya "Cheese Terrine Ice Cream

Imuraya will sequentially release "Cheese Terrine Ice Cream" as a new ice cream product nationwide. This product offers a luxurious taste of three layers of cheesecake, cheese ice cream, and cheese sauce.

Cheese Terrine Ice Cream

Cheese Terrine Ice Cream" consists of moist cheesecake, rich and dense cheese ice cream, and savory cheese sauce. It tastes just like a cheese terrine.

Imuraya "Cheese Terrine Ice Cream

The cheesecake is made with cheddar cheese powder. By adding white bean paste, the cheesecake melts in the mouth and stays moist even under refrigeration.

Cheese ice cream is made from Hokkaido cream cheese and fresh cream, with egg yolks, lemon juice, and vanilla bean seeds added. The cheese ice cream has a rich, dense flavor with a refreshing aftertaste.

The cheese sauce is made with Hokkaido cream cheese to express the rich flavor of cheese terrine. Caramel syrup is used to give the cheese terrine a baked look and aroma.

Imuraya "Cheese Terrine Ice Cream

Available from May 23. Priced at 205 yen (tax included). Available at mass merchandisers, supermarkets, convenience stores, drugstores, and Imuraya web stores nationwide.