7-ELEVEN "Uji Matcha Kintoki Ice"
I tried to eat it!

From the new sweets of convenience stores released from July 31st to August 4th, the editorial department will review the ones that were actually eaten and especially delicious!

● 7-ELEVEN "Uji Matcha Kintoki Ice" (158 yen, tax included, same below)

7-ELEVEN "Uji Matcha Kintoki Ice"
Uji Matcha Kintoki Ice

An ice bar jointly developed by Imuraya of "Azuki Bar" and Tsuji Rihei Honten, a long-established store in Uji, Kyoto. The ice lolly made from Uji matcha from Tsuji Rihei Honten contains plenty of Imuraya bean paste cooked from Hokkaido azuki beans.

7-ELEVEN "Uji Matcha Kintoki Ice"
The shape is similar to the azuki bar, but ...

The first thing to worry about is "hardness", but it wasn't as hard as the azuki bar! (Relieved ...) You can bite lightly. A sharp bitterness that gradually spreads as it melts in the mouth. It has no sweetness and has a full-fledged matcha taste.

The bean paste with plenty of azuki beans is soothing. It has a strong sweetness, but the green tea ice cream on the outside is not sweet at all, so it has a well-balanced taste.

7-ELEVEN "Uji Matcha Kintoki Ice"
If you like matcha, please try it.

Of course, it's delicious even when it's cold, but if it melts a little, the flavor of matcha and azuki will spread, so it's recommended to take it out of the freezer for a while. 143 kcal per meal.

● 7-ELEVEN "Uji Matcha Japanese Pafe" (298 yen)

7-ELEVEN "Uji Matcha Japanese Pafe"
Uji Matcha Japanese Pafe

Japanese-style parfait using Uji matcha and brown sugar. Matcha mousse is combined with brown sugar agar and served with matcha bean paste, shiratama, chestnuts, whipped cream, and red bean paste. Gorgeous!

7-ELEVEN "Uji Matcha Japanese Pafe"
Japanese material is morimori

Matcha bean paste that remains in your mouth and fragrant brown sugar agar give it a rich Japanese taste. Plenty of whiskey matcha mousse also enhances the satisfaction of matcha lovers. The smooth throat of agar is cool! 301 kcal per meal.

7-ELEVEN "Uji Matcha Japanese Pafe"
I'm glad that two sticky white balls are included

● Lawson "Wapafe of Uji Matcha and Hojicha" (295 yen)

Lawson "Wapafe of Uji Matcha and Hojicha"
Uji Matcha and Hojicha Japanese Pafe

"Wapafe" also appeared from Lawson. This is a Japanese-style parfait using Uji matcha and hojicha from the Tsuji Riichi main store. Topped with white bean paste, red bean paste, matcha and roasted green tea jelly.

Anyway, I was surprised with a lot of ingredients! The more I dug, the more various flavors came out, and I felt like I was looking for a little treasure.

Lawson "Wapafe of Uji Matcha and Hojicha"
It's like a teahouse parfait!

Matcha and roasted green tea jelly has a large, fluffy texture. As you continue to eat, you will discover various Japanese ingredients such as moist sponge dough, crispy matcha agar, fluffy matcha mousse, and crispy and bitter matcha sauce.

The taste and texture are multi-layered, and the texture is amazing! I wonder if it is quite expensive to not pay 300 yen for this volume and deliciousness. 291 kcal per meal.

Lawson "Wapafe of Uji Matcha and Hojicha"
Below is a sponge

Lawson "Wapafe of Uji Matcha and Hojicha"
Below that is another jelly

● Lawson "Golden Peach and La France Parfait" (320 yen)

Lawson "Golden Peach and La France Parfait"
Golden peach and la France parfait

A fruit parfait that combines golden peaches from Yamagata prefecture and La France from Yamagata prefecture. The cream with custard is served with a refreshing lemon jelly and plum sauce.

The fluffy and moist sponge supports the freshly sweet peaches and La France, and the mellow and rich cream. Below that is a sieving jelly.

Lawson "Golden Peach and La France Parfait"
The colors are summery and beautiful!

It's refreshing so you can enjoy the taste of fruit simply, and the impression is that the elements other than fruit (cream and sponge) are also Lawson's stable taste. It is also ◎ that the plum sauce adds a slight acidity! 276 kcal per serving.

Lawson "Golden Peach and La France Parfait"
Refreshing fruit parfait

● FamilyMart "Coconut Mango Dolce" (248 yen)

FamilyMart "Coconut Mango Dolce"
Coconut mango dolce

Fruit parfait is also available at FamilyMart. A tropical dessert using "mango" and "coconut" that seems to be summer. Mango sauce, coconut cheese cream and sponge are layered on coconut milk pudding, and topped with mango pulp, square-cut mango jelly, and coconut cheese cream.

FamilyMart "Coconut Mango Dolce"
Mango jelly and mango pulp are adorned around

You can enjoy the cool jelly with a soft texture and the thick and thick mango flesh alternately. The refreshing coconut cheese cream is the best match with the melting sweet mango! The slight scent of coconut also adds to the summer mood.

The overall fluffy texture is accented with crispy crushed almond toppings. A sponge and jelly are also sandwiched between them, and if you notice it, you will be full. 204 kcal per meal.

FamilyMart "Coconut Mango Dolce"
Furu Furu Toro Toro

Many parfaits appeared from each company this week. Among them, I personally liked 7-ELEVEN's frozen dessert "Uji Matcha Kintoki Ice". Even though the matcha and azuki beans had a strong taste, the refreshing ice cream was very delicious! The hot days will continue, so please eat ice cream and cool down ♪