FamilyMart "Cheese Chicken

Cheese Chicken," a large chicken nugget with a rich cheese flavor, will go on sale at FamilyMart on May 17. The price is 168 yen (tax included). The product may not be available at all FamilyMart stores.

Cheese Chicken

FamilyMart has frequently introduced cheese-based products, which have been well received, especially by women. In October last year, "Super Cheese Festival! which featured a lineup of cheese products in various categories such as Chinese buns and sandwiches, and was a great success.

Cheese Chicken" is part of FamilyMart's "More Tasty" initiative, one of the five keywords it has been working on since last year. It is a large-sized chicken nugget made with juicy, coarsely minced chicken thigh, chicken breast, and chicken skin, and flavored with rich cheese. Compared to the previous version, the new chicken nuggets are made juicier by adding chicken thigh meat.

FamilyMart "Cheese Chicken

The Cheese Chicken is an easy and satisfying "cheese chicken" that can be enjoyed as a light snack or lunch on the go. This product is recommended for chicken and cheese lovers.