Mini-Stop "Nerikyu Amau Strawberry Soft".

Ministop will sell "Nerikyu Amao Strawberry Soft," "Nerikyu Amao Strawberry Mix Soft," "Chocolat Strawberry Soft," "Tokumori Soft Nerikyu Amao Strawberry," and "Tokumori Soft Nerikyu Amao Strawberry Mix" sequentially from January 21.

Nerekyu Amao Strawberry Soft

Nerekyu Amao Strawberry Mix Soft

Mini-Stop "Nerikyu Amau Strawberry Soft".

This soft serve ice cream is made with 5.0% Amaou fruit juice from Fukuoka Prefecture. This soft-serve ice cream contains 5.1% condensed milk, which is a combination of strawberries and condensed milk, making it a satisfying soft-serve ice cream with the sweet aroma of Amao strawberries at the beginning and the rich taste of condensed milk later on. The price is 280 yen (tax included). A vanilla mix is also available for the same price.

Mini-Stop "Nerikyu Amau Strawberry Soft".

Chocolat Strawberry Soft

Mini Stop "Chocolat Strawberry Soft

Chocolate-covered strawberry soft serve with sugar-glazed almonds, brownie with nuts, and double chocolate sauce. In addition, a waffle cone is used to create a premium soft serve ice cream with a fun texture and gorgeous appearance. The price is 398 yen (tax included).

Tokumori Soft Nerikyu Amau Strawberry

Mini-Stop "Nerikyu Amau Strawberry Soft".

Tokumori Soft Milk Nerekyu Amaou Strawberry Mix

Mini-Stop "Nerikyu Amau Strawberry Soft

Tokumori's products in a cup. Priced at 388 yen each (tax included).