Ministop "Gurukuru Strawberry Milk".

Ministop will sell "Gurukuru Strawberry Milk," a new product from the popular "drinkable" dessert Gurukuru series that tastes like "strawberry milk. This is the second product in the Gurukuru series of frappes that offer a unique drinking experience.

Gurukuru Strawberry Milk

Gurukuru Strawberry Milk" is the second Frappé Gurukuru with the addition of crunchy ice cubes to enjoy a unique drinking experience. The strawberry milk base with pulp, flavorful and sour strawberry sauce, and soft-serve ice cream vanilla add sweetness and a milky taste, giving it a "strawberry milk" flavor.

Ministop "Gurukuru Strawberry Milk".

As the name suggests, the drink is designed to taste even better if you mix the whole thing together in a circular motion. The best way to drink it is to enjoy its appearance first, and then mix it about 30 times before drinking.

Gurukuru Strawberry Milk is priced at 399.60 yen (tax included) and will be available at all Mini Stop stores nationwide from September 16. Each serving contains 316 kcal.