Maruka Foods "Peyoung Meita Seafood Chili Mayo Yakisoba"
(The source of the image is Maruka Food Official Website)

It was announced on the official website that "Peyoung Meita Seafood Chili Mayo Yakisoba" will be released as a new flavor of cup yakisoba from Maruka Foods' "Peyoung Brand". It will be available from January 17th. The estimated price is 205 yen (excluding tax).

Peyang Meita Seafood Chili Mayo Yakisoba

It is said to be one of Peyang's original combinations using mentaiko sauce and seafood ingredients. By sprinkling spicy mentaiko sauce and chili mayonnaise with a rich flavor of chili pepper, it is said that the taste is finished so that you can enjoy the taste of seafood. Kayaku is cabbage, crab-flavored kamaboko, shrimp, and squid.

The content is 125g (4.41oz) per meal and the calories are 642kcal. The amount of hot water required for cooking is 480 ml. To cook, first peel off the exterior film, remove the lid halfway, take out the sauce, sardines, and chili mayonnaise, pour the sardines into the noodles, pour boiling water up to the inner line, and cover. After 3 minutes, drain the hot water from the hot water outlet, remove all the lids, mix the sauce well, and sprinkle with the chili mayonnaise to finish.