Hamazushi "Oma's natural tuna tuna lean meat"

"Oma's Natural Tuna Red Meat" and "Oma's Natural Tuna Harami" will appear in Hamazushi. From January 14th, it will be available in limited areas and in limited quantities. The selling price is 308 yen (tax included, same below). Prices are different at some stores.

Oma's natural tuna lean

"Oma's natural tuna lean meat" is sold at Hamazushi nationwide except the Tohoku region. Oma tuna, whose highest price is a hot topic every year at the first auction in the Toyosu market in Tokyo, is a high-class product that is landed by single fishing or longline fishing so as not to damage it, and is shipped in a fresh state.

Three ocean currents flow into the Tsugaru Strait, where Oma Town, Aomori Prefecture is located, and abundant plankton inhabit, and the tuna grown there is characterized by a good balance of lean meat and fat and a strong taste. It is said to be a dish that overflows with umami in your mouth each time you chew.

Oma's Natural Tuna Harami

"Oma's Natural Tuna Harami" is only available at stores in the Tohoku region. This also uses tuna grown in the Tsugaru Straits, where Oma Town, Aomori Prefecture is located.