Kamakura Beniya "CHOCCO"

Kamakura Beniya will release a new standard product "CHOCCO" on January 19th. The flavors are "Yuzu Berry & Ruby Chocolate" and "Cocoa & Blonde Chocolate". The price is 864 yen for 4 pieces and 1,728 yen for 8 pieces (tax included).


Sandwich "ruby chocolate" and "blond chocolate" with cookies. It is a baked confectionery that you can enjoy the taste of chocolate and cookies and the flavor that accentuates it. It is characterized by the profound feeling of chocolate and the deep taste of the dough that condenses the taste of the ingredients. You can also enjoy different textures of hard cookies and soft chocolate.

Kamakura Beniya "CHOCCO"

Yuzu berry & ruby chocolate

Ruby chocolate with a fruity flavor and a refreshing acidity like berries. Sandwiched with raspberry-flavored cookies with yuzu confit.

Cocoa & blonde chocolate

Blond chocolate with a fragrant caramel flavor is accented with a refreshing sourness like yogurt. Sandwiched with cocoa cookies, which have a pleasant texture of cacao nibs.

Sold as a standard product at all directly managed stores and Kamakura Beniya official online shop (excluding mid-May to October). It will also be sold at events held at department stores nationwide (details of event information will be announced on the Kamakura Beniya official website and official SNS at any time).