Kamakura Beniya "Hydrangea 6 pieces (can)" Image of Kamakura hydrangea!

To commemorate the 45th anniversary of the birth of the baked confectionery "Hydrangea", Kamakura Beniya will resell the canned package "Hydrangea 6 pieces (can)" that was previously sold at stores. Sales at all directly managed stores in Kamakura Beniya will start on May 25th. In addition, the online shop is planning to sell it as a special set limited to the online shop from the end of June.

"Hydrangea" is finished like a rusk by soaking the sliced pound cake dough with condensed milk sauce, baking it once in the oven, and then slowly baking it in a low-temperature kiln overnight and drying it. It was named "hydrangea" because its round shape and sliced almonds studded on the surface resemble the flowers of the hydrangea that bloom in Kamakura. It is a baked confectionery that has a unique crunchy texture, rich sweetness of condensed milk, and a mellow milky texture. The price is 1,458 yen (tax included).

Why don't you enjoy the design that you can feel the taste of Kamakura along with the taste of "hydrangea". Fans should check it out!