Kamakura Beniya "Kurumikko 5pcs (louvre)


BENIYA "Kurumikko 5 pieces (Louvre

)" Kurumikko 5 pieces (Louvre), a collaboration with "Louvre Exhibition: Painting Love" to be held at the New National Museum of Art, Tokyo from March 1 and at the Kyocera Museum of Art, Kyoto from June 27, will be sold as a venue limited product. The product will be sold sequentially at the exhibition. The price is 950 yen (tax included).

Kurumicco 5 pieces (

Louvre child

) The "Louvre child" was first sold as a collaboration product at the "Louvre Museum Exhibition Portrait Art: How People Have Painted People" held from 2018 to 2019. Last time, the product was packaged with a design of "Squirrel-kun," the symbolic character of Kamakura Beniya, painting a picture, and it was a great success, selling out every day.

This year, in line with the theme of "drawing love," a new package design was created as a "LOVE" version with the motif of "Cupid" appearing in Western art works. The front of the package features a squirrel holding a bow to manipulate the hearts of people in love, while the side features the "pink and heart" exhibition logo as well as a happy squirrel holding up a target with an arrow in it.

The "Kurumikko" is a typical confectionary of Kamakura Beniya, baked with homemade caramel and walnuts sandwiched between butter dough. It was created more than 35 years ago with a hint from Engadiner, a traditional Swiss confectionery, to make use of the leftover dough from "Kamakura Dayori," a sable that was the main product at the time of the company's founding.

Sales Locations / Period

<Tokyo Exhibition>
Venue: The New National Art Museum, Tokyo
Period: March 1 - June 12, 2023

<Kyoto Exhibition>
Venue: Kyoto Kyocera Museum of Art
Period: June 27 - September 24, 2023

*Sales are subject to sell-out depending on circumstances.
Not available at directly managed stores and official online store of Kamakura BENIYA.