McDonald's McDonald's Potato

McDonald's will resume selling M and L sizes of "McDonald's Potato" from 10:30 on December 31st. There is a prospect that regular sales will be possible due to alternative measures such as arranging some airmail.

The company's imports of potatoes from North America have been delayed due to a large-scale flood near the port of Vancouver, Canada, which is a transit point for shipping services, and the disruption to the global distribution network caused by the Corona disaster. In response to this, the company was selling only S size from December 24th to 30th in order to provide "McDonald's potatoes" to more customers without interruption while it is difficult to stably procure raw materials. ..

This time, due to the temporary suspension of sales of "McDonald's Potato" M and L sizes and alternative measures such as arranging some airmail, it is expected that regular sales will be possible, so from 10:30 on December 31, "McDonald's" It is now possible to resume sales of "Fly Potato" in all sizes.

Not only single items, but also "Value Set", "Value Lunch", Night Mac "Potato Nage Large" and "Potato Nage Extra Large" potatoes are on sale as usual. Approximately 2,900 McDonald's stores nationwide are eligible.