Kinotoya "Baumkuchen with New Year's card"

From the Western confectionery "Kinotoya" in Sapporo, Hokkaido, "Baumkuchen with New Year's card" and "Fukukashiwa" are sold in a limited package for New Year's specifications.

Baumkuchen with New Year's card

"Kinotoya Baumkuchen" won the first place in the whole country in the "10 selections of Baumkuchen" sponsored by a newspaper company by confectionery researchers and food journalists. Using Hokkaido flour, fermented butter, fresh cream, and tensai sugar, it is baked moist and smooth with a special formulation and manufacturing method. With an original New Year's design hanging paper, it is a perfect item for greetings during the New Year holidays. The price is 1,404 yen (tax included, same below).

Kinotoya "Baumkuchen with New Year's card"

New Year's limited package Fukukashiwa 6 pieces

"Fukukashiwa" is a sable shaped like the leaves of Kashiwanoha, which is said to be an auspicious plant that "connects generations". Kashiwanoha leaves do not fall even in winter, and in spring, until new leaves grow, they firmly wrap and protect young shoots. Using Hokkaido butter and sugar, it was baked to a briskness.

Kinotoya "New Year Limited Package Fukukashiwa 6 pieces"

The large sable has a thick finish that conveys the weight firmly to the hand, a dark brown color with a scent of butter, and a gentle taste with a crispy texture. An original bag designed exclusively for New Year's greetings, which can be used as a souvenir for New Year's greetings. 6 pieces, 1,026 yen.