Dalloyau "Chikawa Macaron"

A product in collaboration with Dalloyau and the popular character "Chikawa" is now available. "Chikawa Macaron", "Chikawa Opera", "Chikawa Canister with Macaron" and "Chikawa Chocolat" will be on sale for a limited time from January 11, 2022. Reservations will be accepted from December 28th at the Dalloyau store and the official online shop.

* Products handled differ depending on the store.

Chiikawa Macaron

Dalloyau "Chikawa Macaron"

Illustrations drawn by "Chikawa," "Hachiware," "Rabbit," and "Friendly Trio" are printed on macaroons that look cute with a colon. The cream in the macaroons has a different taste for each design. All 4 types, priced at 324 yen each (tax included, same below). Only available at Dalloyau stores.

Dalloyau "Chikawa Macaron"

In addition, "Chikawa Macaron (4 pieces)", which contains all 4 types of "Chikawa Macaron" in the original box, will be available for 1,404 yen. Available at Dalloyau stores and official online shops.

Dalloyau "Chikawa Macaron"

Chiikawa Opera

Dalloyau "Chikawa Opera"

On top of the Dalloyau-origin gateau "opera", chocolate shaped like a smiling "chiikawa" is decorated. "Opera" is a heavy flavor consisting of 7 layers such as coffee-flavored butter cream, ganache, biscuit jocondo, and glasage. The price is 3,564 yen. Available at Dalloyau stores and official online shops.

Chiikawa canister with macaroons

Dalloyau "Chikawa Canister with Macaroons"

Dalloyau "Chikawa Canister with Macaroons"

A stoneware canister with high after-use that is healed by the newly drawn illustrations "Chikawa". It can be used in a wide variety of ways, such as putting candy and tea bags. Dalloyau's popular "Macaron Amaou" and "Citron" are included, one for each, for a total of two. The price is 3,850 yen. Available at Dalloyau stores and official online shops.

Chiikawa Chocolat

Dalloyau "Chikawa Chocolat"

A compact round can filled with chocolate that makes you want to collect it, using illustrations drawn by Dalloyau. The design depicts the "chiikawa" sandwiched between macaroons and the cake of Dalloyau. The contents are chocolate (1 bitter, 2 milk), 3 in total. The lineup of cans is "Chikawa (pink)", "Chikawa chocolate (green)", "Chikawa chocolate (white)", and "Chikawa chocolate (yellow)". The price is 880 yen each.

In addition, "Chikawa Chocolat (overlapping cans)", which is a stacking can that can be used even after eating and is packed with chocolate, is also available for 2,750 yen. The contents are chocolate (8 pieces of bitter, 16 pieces of milk), 24 pieces in total.

Dalloyau "Chikawa Chocolat (overlapping cans)"

Five chocolate items will be available at all Dalloyau stores, official online shops, Chiikawa Market, Chiikawa Events, KIDDY LAND, LOFT, etc.


"Chikawa" series by popular illustrator Nagano. It is a work that depicts the casual daily life of "Chikawa" and others, and one of the popular elements is the gap between the "loose" pattern, the heartwarming story, and the occasional poisonousness. It is a work that is drawing attention on SNS.

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