Dalloyau's "Cat Day Fair"
(The source of the image is the official website of Dalloyau)

Dalloyau's "Cat Day Fair" has been announced on the official website. Macaroons such as "Nyakaron" in a bag with a cat pattern are available.

"Assorted Nyakaron (5 pieces)" is 1,080 yen (tax included, same below). Macaron's "Amaou", "Vanille", "Chocolat", "Tever (Uji Matcha)" and "Citron" are packed in a cat pattern bag. It can also be purchased at the official online store.

"Nyakaron (2 pieces)" is 756 yen. Macaroons "Vanille" and "Amaou" are packed with cat designs. You can also buy this on the official online strike.

"Meow Texture" is 702 yen. A cake made from "Archite Tulle", which is a combination of rich scholar mousse and creme vanille, dressed as a cat.

"Nyafe (Jiyugaoka Salon Limited)" is 1,620 yen. A limited-time cat parfait with chocolate discs on top of Franboise sauce, corn flakes, Franboise sorbet, jersey ice cream, shanti, and Franboise.

The menu contents and design may change depending on the circumstances. In addition, there may be some errors in the size.