"TV Animation "Tokyo Revengers" Printed Macarons

The sixth collaboration with the TV anime "Tokyo Revengers" is now available at "TV anime 'Tokyo Revengers' printed macarons" featuring the five characters "Mikey," "Draken," "Jochi," "Ittora," and "Mitsuya. The sweets were developed in collaboration with DALLOYAU (Dalloyo) and have been on sale since May 30.

TV animation "Tokyo Revengers" printed macaroon "TV Animation "Tokyo Revengers" Printed Macarons

Crispy on the outside and soft, aromatic and melting on the inside, the front and back of each daro'iyo macaroon features a visual depiction of each character as a high school student and a young boy, respectively.

Each macaron comes in a different flavor: "Mikey" is made with pureed Amaou strawberries from Fukuoka Prefecture, "Draken" has a flavorful taste of strawberry jam, "Jaji" has a mouthwatering taste of Madacascar vanilla, "Ittora" has a refreshing lemon-flavored cream filling, and "Mitsuya" has a fresh cream filling with a hint of lemon flavor. The "Mitsuya" is characterized by the balance between the sweetness of caramel and a hint of saltiness.

One "can badge with key ring" of each character is included as a novelty. There are seven types: Mikey, Draken, Chifuyu, Mitsuya, Jochi, Ittora, and Budo, and the character cannot be chosen. "TV Animation "Tokyo Revengers" Printed Macarons

(c) Ken Wakui, Kodansha / "Tokyo Revengers" Anime Production Committee