Yoshinoya "10% off all fried chicken To go"

The Yoshinoya will carry out a "10% off all fried chicken To go products" campaign. "Karaage", "Karaage bowl", "Kara beef", "Deep-fried chicken with soy sauce", "Tartar fried chicken bowl", "W bento (beef plate / karaage)", and "Karigari fried curry" are eligible.

10% off all fried chicken To go

"10% off all karaage To go products" will be held from December 15th to December 25th. This is a campaign where you can get a 10% discount at the time of checkout if you purchase the target products such as "9 karaage" and "6 karaage" by To go. Some stores are not covered and some stores have different prices.

From December 23rd to 25th, "9 pieces of fried chicken" and "6 pieces of fried chicken" will be provided in a special Christmas container.

Yoshinoya "10% off all fried chicken To go"

The list of target products and campaign prices (tax included) is as follows.

・ Karaage 9 pieces 872 yen ・ Karaage 6 pieces 610 yen ・ Karaage 3 pieces 308 yen ・ Karaage 1 piece 104 yen ・ Karaage bowl 444 yen ・ Karaage beef 541 yen Karaage bowl 541 yen ・ W lunch (beef plate ・ Karaage) 580 yen ・ Karaage fried curry 531 yen