Okay "Sakaeya Delicious Milk Castella"
(The source of the image is OK official Twitter account)

The official Twitter account has introduced that "Sakaeya Delicious Milk Castella" has appeared as an original sweet of OK. It is also available at OK's online supermarkets, and the selling price is 376.92 yen per package (tax included, displayed to the second decimal place).

Sakaeya Delicious milk castella

OK already sells Sakaeya brand confectionery such as "Moist Honey Castella with Zarame Sugar", but this time it will follow. In addition to using domestically produced eggs and wheat as raw materials, it is said to be a castella made from Kondo Milk Products' "Delicious Milk from Betsukai," which is one of the milk sold at OK and has a deep richness. It is 5 pieces.

As the name suggests, 100% raw milk made in Betsukai-cho, Notsuke-gun, Hokkaido is used for the delicious milk of Betsukai. It is derived from the underground water of Lake Mashu, self-produced pasture, and cattle raised on nutritious grains, and is characterized by being slightly sweet even without adjustment.