In Harajuku, in the middle of summer vacation, an event "Harajuku / Summer Pancake Free Study-Delicious Pancakes at Home-" was held for 5 days from August 2nd to 6th. It was.

At the talk event "Let's Eat! Compare Pancake Flour!", All the participants tried and compared 5 kinds of pancakes using the pancake mix selected by the author of " Pancake Note", Yukiko Tomiyama. , Tomiyama talked about the tips of "pancakes" and the charm of mixed flour.

Of course, it's delicious to eat at the restaurant, but the "house-grilled" that you can arrange is also full of charm. If you are a "house-baked" group, we will report on the contents of the hottest event, such as tips on how to bake and differences depending on the mixed powder!
You can also enjoy "comparison of eating powder" at "house-yaki"
You can also enjoy "comparison of eating powder" at "house-yaki"

◆ A wide variety of powders due to the boom

Tomiyama is proud of the huge number of pancakes he eats, but he also loves "home-baked". Since he was a student, he has been eating and comparing various pancake mixes. However, at that time, the products available were limited, and he was "hungry for powder."

However, with the advent of the pancake boom, the number of overseas mixed powders that can be purchased in Japan has increased, multiple versions have appeared from major Japanese manufacturers, and local flour milling companies have embarked on the development of mixed powders. It seems that it has become available. "I'm really glad I lived in Japan in 2013," says Tomiyama.

Tomiyama says, "The appeal of" house roasting "is that you don't have to wait in line as long as you can solve the problem of not being able to roast well, and you can make as much as you like and eat it with your favorite seasoning." ..

◆ Isn't pancakes made elegantly?

However, it is very difficult to "bake well". Various wisdoms are being shown on the Internet, but what kind of device is Mr. Tomiyama doing?

First of all, the basic thing is to "bake according to the instructions written on the product package without relying on cans". It is said that if you keep the basics in mind and devise a little, you will be less likely to make mistakes and you will be able to burn even more deliciously.

One of the ideas that can be applied to the dough is to add more water (milk). It is moist and baked, and you can eat it deliciously over time. In addition, if you add about 1 tablespoon of mirin, the alcohol contained in the mirin will circulate in the dough, and the roasted color will be well and plump. The miso is to use "hon mirin" instead of "mirin-style seasoning".

Also, don't forget to "do not mix the dough too much" to make it plump. It seems that there are many people overseas who do not use a whisk and mix roughly with a fork. When baking, if you raise the point at which the dough is poured, it will be evenly baked.

And the "biggest enemy" is "burning on an empty stomach," says Tomiyama. If you bake a big one from the first one just because you want to eat it quickly, you tend to fail because the frying pan is not yet hot. It seems that if you put up with the first piece and bake a small one with a diameter of about 5 cm, you can bake a large one from the second one.
"Be patient with the first one!"
"Be patient with the first one!"

According to Tomiyama, "pancakes are not something to bake elegantly." It seems that it is better to "make it in Zubora" to some extent without measuring the amount exactly, mixing it well and pouring the dough gently.

◆ Finally eat and compare "powder"!

After learning the knack of "house-baking", freshly baked and other pancakes were brought in.

On this day, 5 pancakes using mixed powder carefully selected by Mr. Tomiyama were distributed to the participants. It seems that they chose something a little unusual for each.
It looks so different!
It looks so different!

First of all, "TARO BRAND PANCAKE MIX" , which is also popular as a Hawaiian souvenir. It is a mixed powder containing "Taroimo", which is a major product overseas, and has a chewy texture. It seems that you can enjoy the moderate saltiness contained in the dough more when combined with sweet toppings. It's only recently available in Japan, so if you like Hawaiian pancakes, give it a try.

Ultra Mix "Brown Sugar ROYAL MILK TEA PANCAKE MIX" allows you to enjoy the rich aroma of royal milk tea and the gentle sweetness of brown sugar. It's rare to find something with a strong scent so far, and Tomiyama says, "It's the best flavor among the flavors!" "I want to make something that even small children can eat with peace of mind," he said, using an aluminum-free leavening agent and no additives such as coloring agents or preservatives. With plenty of domestic buttermilk, you can feel the original flavor of the ingredients.

If you like pancakes for meals, try "LONG TRACK FOODS THE JAR SHOP PANCAKE MIX" . The point is not "moderate sweetness", but a slightly stronger saltiness that can be said to have been made for meals. This is a powder that people who are not good at sweets should try.

Also, it's fashionable in a bottle, so it will be a great souvenir. However, it seems that it is very difficult to obtain it, as it may not be possible to buy it even if you go to a store in Kamakura. It is recommended to purchase immediately when you find it.
There are various kinds of powder ...
There are various kinds of powder ...

"The most delicious mixed powder you can buy at a supermarket," says Tomiyama's favorite "Ikari Ashiya hot cake mix ." It is a private brand product of the supermarket "Ikari", which is developed mainly in the Kansai area, and has been sold before the pancake boom. It has an elegant sweetness, and the dough has a good “rise” when baked, so even beginners can bake it fluffy.

Since Tomiyama himself received it as a souvenir from Kansai, he seems to have been quite addicted to buying it from people who go to Kansai, and when he was in Omiya, he went out to buy it. By the way, it's a little high-class supermarket, so even if you grow up in Kansai, there aren't many people who say, "This hot cake is a home-style taste!"

The last is " Kyushu Pancake, " which features a grayish dough. It is said to be the hottest product among the pancake mixes made in the region. We are particular about all Kyushu ingredients and use 7 kinds of grains and sugar made from sugar cane. This mixed powder is surprisingly easy to eat, while many of them have a sense of incongruity, such as being dry and unpleasant when mixed with grains. Taking advantage of the fact that it contains millet, it seems good to eat it with ingredients like sandwiches.

◆ Each person has different ways to enjoy pancakes

Even now, the heat of the pancake boom has not cooled down, and the lines of popular stores continue, and you can see the word "pancake" here and there. However, the boom will end soon. It's a big boom that can be said to be too enthusiastic, so I'm wondering what happens to the shops and mills after it's gone.

Mr. Tomiyama said through "house-baking", "If hot cakes baked at home become established as delicious, for example, when I go out, I will try to eat pancakes and hot cakes at the store ..." It's okay. I hope that many shops and powders will not be reduced, and that they will continue to survive for a long time. "

"Boom, you can finish it, but make a soft landing (laughs). Anyway, I want pancakes to take root in everyone's lives," says Tomiyama.

The boom should have had a lot of positive things, such as people who didn't look at it before became fond of pancakes, and people who originally liked it became more enjoyable. Whether it's a shop or powder, I hope you can enjoy the taste of "Ichi-go-ichi-kai" that you have come across in each form.

"Ichi-go-ichi-kai" may also be the charm of pancakes
"Ichi-go-ichi-kai" may also be the charm of pancakes