Tonden x Morimoto's first collaboration "Northern Butter Dorayaki"

The first jointly developed product "Kita no Butter Dorayaki" will be released on December 15th at "Hokkaido-born Japanese restaurant Tonden" and "Yukemuri no Oka Tsukisamu Onsen" in Kanto, Hokkaido. The price is 248 yen (tax included) per piece.

Northern butter dorayaki

"Kita no Butter Dorayaki" was created through the first collaboration between "Hokkaido-born Japanese restaurant Toden", which began with the manufacture and sale of Japanese sweets, and "Morimoto," a store specializing in Japanese and Western sweets and bread born in Hokkaido. It is a new product that was jointly developed by sticking to the materials produced in Hokkaido.

For the butter, which is the most important point, we used Hokkaido butter, which is characterized by its luxurious flavor and richness, and we were particular about the development so that you can feel the moderate saltiness. For the bean paste, we used azuki beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido, which are characterized by their elegant flavor, and left a grainy texture to maximize the original taste of the azuki beans. The dough that sandwiches the butter and bean paste is also made from Hokkaido ingredients, and Hokkaido wheat "Kitahonami" and Hokkaido sugar and eggs are used to create a soft and light texture with a good balance between bean paste and butter.