Godiva "Prindora Chocolate
Prindora Chocolate

Godiva "Prindora Chocolate

Godiva "Prindora Chocolate
Collaboration sweets with "Kikuya" in Oita

From the Godiva Monthly Chef's Selection series comes "Prindra Chocolate," a pudding and dorayaki with a rich, mellow chocolate flavor. The price is 497 yen per piece. The price is 497 yen per piece (tax included).

Dorayaki and Pudding Sweets with a Taste of Chocolate

Godiva "Prindora Chocolate
A taste of Godiva chocolate with dorayaki and pudding

The pudding, made with 86% dark Belgian chocolate, is rich and soft, and whipped chocolate cream is sandwiched between two layers of moist dorayaki dough to which cocoa powder has been added.

When completely defrosted, the soft and fluffy dorayaki dough and melted pudding give a soft and chewy texture, and when half defrosted, the moist dorayaki dough and cool and springy texture can be tasted respectively.

Godiva Monthly Chef's Selection

Godiva Monthly Chef's Selection is a monthly series created by Godiva and chefs from around Japan. The monthly series features Godiva's take on classic sweets, popular items, desserts, and more.

Collaboration with Kikuya, a long-established confectionery store in Oita Prefecture

The Prindora chocolates were created in collaboration with Kikuya, a long-established confectionary store founded in 1956 with 38 stores mainly in Oita Prefecture. It is known for its "Prindora" chocolates.