KINOKUNIYA "Mini Stollen"

Review KINOKUNIYA "Mini Stollen". Stollen, a classic Christmas confectionery, is a reasonably mini-sized product.


"Mini Stollen" is a mini-sized version of Stollen, a classic German Christmas confectionery. The package is decorated with a red ribbon, and although it is small, it is heavy when you pick it up. The price was 750 yen (tax included).

] KINOKUNIYA "Mini Stollen"

Stollen with powdered sugar sprinkled on Yamagata. When you slice it, you can see that it is kneaded with plenty of fruit and marzipan.

KINOKUNIYA "Mini Stollen"

The moist, tightly packed dough melts and spreads in your mouth, spreading the richness of butter. When chewed, the sweetness and sourness of the fruit and the rich sweetness of marzipan are added, making it even more delicious. It has a good flavor and is as delicious as Stollen, a bakery and cake shop!

KINOKUNIYA "Mini Stollen"

Recommended as a small gift or for households that cannot consume the large Stollen for living alone. If you want to feel Christmas easily, check it out!