KALDI's Christmas items
All images are from the official KALDI website

Approximately 200 types of Christmas items for the Christmas season are now available at each KALDI Coffee Farm store. Advent calendars, sweets ornaments that decorate the tree, traditional sweets directly imported from overseas, and cookie tins will be on sale. Introducing the most notable lineup.

Carla chocolate calendar

KALDI "Cala Chocolate Calendar"

From the Czech chocolate maker "Carla", an Advent calendar featuring traditional Christmas landscapes in gentle colors is now available. The price is 324 yen (tax included, same below).

Original chocolate calendar (Christmas party / Animal concert)

KALDI "Original Chocolate Calendar (Christmas Party / Animal Concert)"

An advent calendar designed with animals enjoying Christmas parties and concerts. Complete the calendar by pasting an illustration sticker with numbers. The price is 375 yen each.

Original wood house calendar (with light)

KALDI "Original Woodhouse Calendar (with lights)"

A wooden advent calendar with LED lights on the roof. There are chocolates and candy in the drawer with numbers. The price is 3,580 yen each.

Mama's Kitchen Christmas Cookie House Kit

KALDI "Mama's Kitchen Christmas Cookie House Kit"

A kit that allows you to make a "candy house" that includes a paper pattern, cake flour, powdered sugar, alazan, and a die. You can make it just by preparing butter, sugar and eggs. Even if you decorate it with your favorite sweets. The finished size is about 10 cm wide x 10 cm deep x 14 cm high (not including the base). The price is 712 yen. Released in early November.

Kopernik Torunsky Pierniki

KALDI "Kopernik Torunsky Pierniki"

Heart-shaped gingerbread (gingerbread with spices) made with the traditional recipe of Polish long-established confectionery maker "Kopernik". Even if you decorate it gorgeously with icing. The price is 278 yen. Released in early November.

Stollen Mini Marzipan Stollen

KALDI "Schlunder Mini Marzipan Stollen"

Stollen with plenty of dried fruits such as orange peel and raisins. There is marzipan inside, and the savory flavor of almonds spreads throughout your mouth. The price is 538 yen. Released in mid-November.

Rapunzel Glühwein 1000ml (33.81us fl oz) (red / white)

KALDI "Rapunzel Glühwein 1000ml (Red / White)"

Hot wine with spices and fruit aromas that can be easily enjoyed just by warming it. It is a dish that you can enjoy by warming it to about 50 degrees. The price is 1,100 yen each.

Original coffee beans Noel

KALDI "Original Coffee Bean Noel"

Popular winter deep roasted coffee that goes well with sweets. When combined with milk or sugar, you can enjoy the sweet aroma and bitter taste of chocolate and nuts. The price is 858 yen. Released in early November. At the same time, "Cafe KALDI Drip Noel 8 pieces" (648 yen) will be prepared.

Owao Chocolate Melting Snow Buddy

KALDI "Owao Chocolate Melting Snow Buddy"

Hot chocolate that you can enjoy by melting it in warm milk. When the snowman-shaped white chocolate melts, small marshmallows and chocolate chips come out of it. The price is 537 yen. Released in early November.