Lotte "Pie Fruit [Enchanted Apple Pie]"

From the Lotte "Pie Fruit" series, "Pie Fruit [Enchanted Apple Pie]" will be released on December 7th. The estimated price is around 194 yen (tax included). You can enjoy the melting taste of the chocolate inside with the "hot pie fruit" that is heated in the microwave.

Pie fruit [Enchanted apple pie]

A crispy pie with a scent of fermented butter and chocolate made from Aomori Prefecture's Jonathan apple juice. It is tailored to an apple pie taste that expresses the sweetness and refreshing acidity of boiled apples.

Lotte "Pie Fruit [Enchanted Apple Pie]"

If you heat it in the microwave, you can enjoy it as a "hot pie fruit" that melts the chocolate inside. A pie nut that you can enjoy twice, which is delicious whether you eat it as it is or warm it.

How to make "hot pie fruit"

Remove the pie nuts from the packaging and place them on a flat plate. Heat in the microwave as it is without wrapping. The standard heating time is 45 seconds at 500W and 35 seconds at 600W (standard 7 pieces). Heat while watching the situation, and after heating, the plate, puff pastry, and chocolate inside may become hot, so handle with care.