Capricciosa "Seafood Cream Chowder-style Spaghetti"

The casual Italian "Capricciosa" sells a special To go and delivery-only menu "Seafood Cream Chowder-style Spaghetti". The price is 980 yen (excluding tax). Except for some stores.

The "Seafood Cream Chowder Style Spaghetti" to be sold this time is a soup spaghetti with the sweetness of vegetables, shrimp and squid, finished in a clam chowder style with clam soup and cream. The creamy and mellow sauce with plenty of seafood is firmly entwined with spaghetti, giving it a gentle taste that warms the body and mind. If you reheat it in the microwave at home, you can enjoy the fresh and hot taste.

・ Capricciosa "Capricciosa" is an Italian word that means "Kimagure". It's fun to eat Italian food while saying a lot. Capricciosa is a trattoria-type restaurant in southern Italy that is cheerful and bright.