Imuraya "Gateau Chocolate Ice"

"Gateau Chocolate Ice" will be on sale from Imuraya.

Gateau chocolate ice cream

"Gato Chocolat Ice" is a product in which rich chocolate ice cream, melty chocolate sauce, and cocoa powder are layered on top of a moist chocolate cake. You can enjoy the luxurious taste of four layers of chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, and cocoa powder.

Imuraya "Gateau Chocolate Ice"

The chocolate cake has a rich taste inspired by gateau chocolate. A whole piece is luxuriously included. Shiroan, a Japanese material, is added to create a moist and smooth texture.

Chocolate ice cream is based on cream produced in Toyotomi, Hokkaido, and uses French couverture chocolate. You can enjoy the mellow and rich taste of chocolate.

The chocolate sauce uses cocoa mass and cocoa powder made from Ghanaian cocoa beans. It has a slightly bitter taste.

Sold nationwide from November 30th. The price is 205 yen (tax included). The content is 90 ml (excluding the cake part).