Newly released on February 7】LAWSON new sweets


released on February 7】LAWSON New Sweets Summary

We will introduce the new sweets that will be available at Lawson on January 31, including their prices and calories. This time we have "Rum Toriko! Vanilla Rum Cake" and "Chocolat Pudding with Drowned Cream" will be available.



no Toriko! Vanilla

Rum C

ake "Rum no Toriko! Vanilla Rum Cake" is an indulgent rum cake for rum lovers, with the aroma of rum all the way through. It is priced at 289 yen. Calories are 216 kcal.

Lawson "Rum trick! Vanilla Rum Cake".
Rum trick! Vanilla Rum Cake

Chocolat Pudding with


Cream "Chocolat Pudding with Drowning Cream" is a chocolate pudding with enough cream to drown you. It is actually 25% less sugar than cream (compared to whipped cream (milk fat and vegetable fat) in the 2020 edition of the Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan). The price is 289 yen. Calories are 274kcal

Lawson "Chocolat pudding with drowned cream
Chocolat pudding with drowned cream


and Baked Cheese Crepe "Strawberry and Baked Cheese Crepe" is a satisfying crepe. A combination of strawberries and baked cheese. Price is 322 yen. Calories are 374 kcal.

Lawson "Strawberry and Baked Cheese Crepe"
Strawberry and baked cheese crepe


"Mottochiri Matcha Steamed Buns" (


pieces) "Mottochiri Matcha Steamed Buns" (2 pieces) has a soft and chewy texture that will fill your stomach. It is a steamed bread containing 2 pieces. The price is 149 yen. Calories are 151 kcal per piece.

LAWSON "Mottochiri Matcha Steamed Buns 2pcs.
Mochichiri-Matcha Steamed Buns 2pcs.

NL Glutinous Wheat Bread - Cheese

Cream & Double Berry

- "NL Glutinous Wheat Bread - Cheese Cream & Double Berry - 2pcs" has a smooth cheese cream and sour berry flavor that goes well with the firm dough. The price is 160 yen. Calories are 108 kcal per piece.

Lawson "NL Glutinous Wheat Bread - Cheese Cream & Double Berry 2pcs".
NL Glutinous Wheat Bread - Cheese Cream & Double Berry 2pcs

Daifuku like


7 pieces "Daifuku like Yukimi-dakufuku 7 pieces" is ice cream wrapped with marshmallow and gyuhi. The price is 218 yen. The calorie count is 346 kcal per bag (88 g).

LAWSON "Daifuku like snow cones, 7 pieces".
Daifuku like snow cones 7 pieces



Tewari Ume 37g (1.31oz) "Hitokuchi Karitto Tewari Ume 37g (1.31oz)" is a hand-wrapped plum with a refreshing sour taste and crispy texture. It is priced at 180 yen. Calories 12kcal per bag (37g (1.31oz)).

LAWSON "Bits of Crispy Hand Split Ume Plum 37g
Crispy bite-sized ume plums (37g (1.31oz))


Strawberry Ch

ocolate Mocha 180ml (6.09us fl oz) "Yorshica Strawberry Chocolate Mocha 180ml (6.09us fl oz)" is a Yorshica collaboration. It is a café mocha with a bittersweet flavor of strawberries. There are six types of packages. The price is 198 yen. The calorie count is 116 kcal per 180 ml bottle.

Lawson "Drink

February 6 release

: "

Too much!

Nama Gato


"Too Much! Nama Gâteau Chocolat" has 1.47 times the total weight of Nama Gâteau Chocolat without sacrificing its deliciousness. The price is 235 yen. The calorie count is 404 kcal.

Lawson "Too Much! Raw gâteau chocolat".
Too much! Raw gâteau chocolat