KALDI "Black Friday"
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KALDI "Black Friday"

"Black Friday" will be held from November 19th to November 30th at KALDI Coffee Farm. During the period, popular products such as "Gavarnie Premium Truffle 3 types" and "Panda Annin Tofu Mini" are bargains. In addition, plans such as "10% off for purchases of 2 or more bottles of wine" from November 24th to 30th and "Triple points for coffee beans" will be held from November 25th to 28th.

Gavarnie Premium Truffle Cocoa / Mard Champagne / Raspberry

KALDI "Gavarnie Premium Truffle Cocoa / Mard Champagne / Raspberry"

Truffle chocolate made by a long-established Belgian chocolate maker. If you put it in one mouth, the ganache wrapped in high-quality cocoa powder will melt luxuriously. Special price until November 30th. It costs 798 yen for 2 pieces (1 piece is 429 yen each, including tax, the same applies below).

Original panda almond tofu mini

KALDI "Original Panda Annin Tofu Mini"

KALDI's dessert division sales number one product. It is an almond tofu with a rich texture. Special price until November 30th. Two pieces cost 321 yen (one piece costs 178 yen).

Moheji Shine Muscat and Honey

KALDI "Moheji Shine Muscat and Honey"

A fruit sauce that uses domestic Shine Muscat with its skin to enjoy a refreshing and mellow scent. It is also recommended to use it as a topping for yogurt or bread, or add it to tea to make flavored tea. Special price of 478 yen until November 30th.

Moheji all-purpose sea urchin sauce

KALDI "Moheji Universal Sea Urchin Sauce"

A versatile Japanese-style sauce of sea urchin based on soy sauce. The mellow taste goes well with the meat. Recommended to match with roast beef and yakiniku. Special price of 348 yen until November 30th.

Original hot pot base

KALDI "Original Fire Pot Element"

A hot pot that makes it easy to make a spicy and delicious hot pot with the mellow richness of plain hot water and the spicy Japanese pepper. It is also recommended to add sweet potatoes and potatoes. Special price of 298 yen until November 30th.

Cafe KALDI Drip Mild KALDI


The most popular blend "Mild KALDI" drip coffee. You can easily enjoy authentic coffee at home. Special price of 398 yen until November 30th.

Cava Poema Brut

KALDI "Cava Poema Brut"

A wine characterized by the richness and umami produced by the secondary fermentation in the same bottle as champagne, and fine bubbles. You can feel the aroma of citrus fruits and green apples, and enjoy the sharp taste of abundant acid. Special price of 960 yen until November 30th.

Buy 2 or more bottles and get 10% off

From November 24th to November 30th, if you purchase two or more bottles of wine (free combination) at a liquor store, you will get 10% off at the cash register. For sake of 375 ml or more, excluding sake, shochu, beer, sour, and non-alcoholic wine.

Triple coffee bean points

The coffee bean points, which you normally get 1 point for every 100 yen you purchase, will be tripled during the period from November 25th to November 28th.