KALDI "Coffee Apricot Bean Curd


Coffee Apricot Bean


I actually purchased and tried a new product, "Coffee Apricot Bean Curd," sold at KALDI Coffee Farm. The product weighs 536 grams and is priced at 475 yen (tax included).



Tofu Meltingly coffee flavored Anjin Tofu. The combination of the popular product "Panda Apricot Bean Curd" and the signature blend of "Mild KALDIo" coffee is said to create a dessert with a new taste. The customer can enjoy the harmony of the mild flavor of the apricot and the gentle aroma of the coffee.

Panda Apricot Bean Curd is a classic KALDI sweet. It is packed in a paper carton and comes out on a plate with an impressive "dorun-dorun" appearance, isn't it?

KALDI Coffee Apricot

KALDI Coffee Apricot

Pale brown apricot bean curd. It is so soft and smooth that you can't help but feel it melt on your tongue. The coffee flavor is subdued. I can feel a faint aroma, but the sweetness of the apricot bean curd is stronger. There is also a slight milk coffee taste. The flavor is easy to enjoy even for those who do not usually drink coffee.

The new flavor "Coffee Apricot Bean Curd" is a new flavor of the popular "Panda Apricot Bean Curd. The light brown panda package with "Mild KALDIo" printed on it is a landmark. Check it out!