Origin Bento / Kitchen Origin "BLACK FRIDAY"

"BLACK FRIDAY" will be held from November 20th to November 26th at Origin Bento and Kitchen Origin stores. During the period, "Black Tatsutaage", a black chicken fried in Tatsutaage, will be on sale, and "Night is a great deal" will also be held.

Origin lunch BLACK FRIDAY

Black tatsuta

Origin lunch "Black Tatsuta"

Tatsutaage, a black young chicken with black sesame seeds. It will be named after the big annual sale "Black Friday" that will be held the day after Thanksgiving in the United States (4th Thursday of November). Tatsutaage is fried in the store with black sesame mixed in clothes. Since it is sprinkled with powder containing starch and fried, you can feel the crispy and fragrant black sesame flavor. Finished with a sweet and spicy sauce containing honey and apple juice.

"Black Tatsuta" is 170 yen per 100g (3.53oz) (183.60 yen including tax). The "Black Tatsuta Value Pack" is 350 yen (378 yen including tax). The "Black Tatsuta Bento" with rice and side dishes is available for 450 yen (486 yen including tax) (the number of "glue" may vary depending on the store).

Origin lunch "Black Tatsuta lunch"
Black tatsutaage lunch

Night is a great sale

Origin lunch "Night is a great sale"

Sale held from 17:00 to 24:00 from November 20th to November 26th. Five kinds of popular volume lunches, "Chicken Tatsuta Ginger Grilled Lunch Box", "Cabbage Menchi Katsu Ginger Grilled Lunch Box", "Cheese Chicken Cutlet Ginger Grilled Lunch Box", "Dx Demi Hamburg Lunch Box", and "Dx Pork Toro Grilled Meat Lunch Box" will be sold at a discount of 30 yen.

The target products and prices are as follows.

Chicken Tatsuta ginger-grilled lunch 570 yen (tax included price 615.60 yen)
Cabbage Menchi-katsu Ginger-grilled lunch 570 yen (tax included price 615.60 yen)
Cheese chicken cutlet ginger grilled lunch 590 yen (tax included price 637.20 yen)
Dx Demi hamburger steak 650 yen (702 yen including tax)
Dx pork roasted meat lunch 660 yen (712 yen including tax)

* Honey is used for the sauce of "Black Tatsuta", so please do not give it to babies under 1 year old.
* "Night is a great deal" will not be held at stores in AEON Maxvalu Daiei.