Bex "Suica's Penguin Drip Bag Coffee"
(All images are from the official Beck's Coffee Shop website)

It was announced on the official website that "Suica's Penguin Drip Bag Coffee" will be available at Beck's Coffee Shop. It will be available from November 15th.

Suica's Penguin Drip Bag Coffee

Bex "Suica's Penguin Drip Bag Coffee"

An item commemorating the 20th anniversary of the IC ticket "Suica". A limited illustration of Suica's Penguin enjoying coffee at Beck's Coffee Shop is drawn. It is designed so that you can easily enjoy coffee from Beck's Coffee Shop at home.

It is characterized by its soft sweetness, fragrant aroma, and a refreshing aftertaste with a sweet finish. Contains 30% of Rainforest Alliance certified farm coffee.

To brew, first shake the bag, pull the powder down, and cut off the top along the Kiritori line. Then spread the hook left and right to open the legs and fold the outer part. Hook the hook on the cup, pour a small amount of boiling water and steam for about 20 seconds, then pour the boiling water in 2 to 3 portions. The standard for one cup is about 140 ml.

(C) Chiharu Sakazaki / JR East / DENTSU
* Suica is a registered trademark of JR East.
* Suica's Penguin is a Suica character from JR East.