Relievedly more "Aya chicken soboro bento"

The "Aya Chicken Soboro Bento" sold at "Hotto Motto" will be renewed and sold from November 18th for the first time in a year and a half. In addition, the side dishes of "Aya / Salmon Wakame Bento" on sale from the same day will be changed. The price is 460 yen each.

"Magowa Yasashii" is an acronym for the ingredients you want to eat for a well-balanced meal. They represent beans and soybean products, nuts and seeds such as sesame seeds, seaweeds such as wakame seaweed, vegetables, fish, mushrooms such as shiitake mushrooms, and potatoes. "Aya Bento" is a single bento that allows you to eat "Magowa Yasashii" ingredients in a well-balanced manner.

Aya / Chicken Soboro Bento

"Aya Chicken Soboro Bento" is made by putting seaweed on top of rice and simmering sweet and spicy chicken soboro, sesame-filled komatsuna and fried tofu, simmered vegetables, and simmered egg. You can enjoy various side dishes such as grilled mackerel grilled in salt and fried mackerel sprinkled with mellow Tosa vinegar.

Relievedly more "Aya chicken soboro bento"

Aya / Salmon Wakame Bento

For "Aya / Salmon Wakame Bento", the three side dishes such as simmered dishes are kept as they are, and "Hijiki-boiled" and "Scallop heaven" are changed to "Salmon grilled with salt" and "Tosa vinegar sprinkled with fried". You can enjoy it with salmon loosened meat and sweet and sour sauce "Shisowakame" on top of rice.

Relievedly more "Aya salmon wakame bento"