CoCo Toka "Pumpkin Milk Tea" "Pumpkin Latte" "Pumpkin Hojicha Milk Tea"

"Pumpkin Milk Tea", "Pumpkin Latte" and "Pumpkin Hojicha Milk Tea" are on sale from the global bubble tea brand "CoCo Toka". For a limited time.

This year's pumpkin series is dressed up for Halloween with cinnamon powder toppings, and two types of standard "milk tea", "latte" and "hojicha milk tea" have been added to the menu. It is finished in a dish that you can enjoy the scent of spices that feel autumn and the gentle sweetness of pumpkin.

Pumpkin milk tea

A combination of rich pumpkin puree and classic milk tea. You can feel the smooth pumpkin on the palate, and the fragrant cinnamon balances the whole. Mix salt cream as you like and enjoy. The price is 580 yen (tax included, same below).

Pumpkin latte

A new product that combines pumpkin puree with rich milk. It is easy to drink and has a gentle taste. Salt cream and cinnamon powder enhance the original taste of pumpkin, and the aroma and flavor of pumpkin spread throughout the mouth. The price is 620 yen.

Pumpkin roasted tea milk tea

The rich aroma of roasted green tea and the mellow milk tea spread the mild sweetness of pumpkin. A drink that makes you feel at ease and feels autumn. The price is 580 yen.

In addition, the "CoCo Halloween Campaign" will be held for two days, October 30th and October 31st, where you can cast the "Trick or Treat!" Spell to the staff for free toppings. * Drinks are for all drinks.