FLIPPERS "Miracle Pancakes Potatoes, Chestnuts, Pumpkins"

From the brunch cafe "FLIPPER'S", a luxury plate "Miracle Pancake Imo, Chestnut, Pumpkin" that resembles a cake-like Petit Mont Blanc, which represents the taste of autumn, will be released on October 19th. increase. The sale period is until November 23rd. The price is 1,400 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below). One with 6 kinds of fruit tea is 1,700 yen.

Miraculous pancakes potatoes, chestnuts, pumpkins

"Miracle Pancake Imo / Chestnut / Pumpkin" is a plate that combines "Whole Anno Imo Mont Blanc", "Nishio Hojicha and Nakayama Chestnut Mont Blanc", and "Kuririn Pumpkin Mont Blanc".

Whole Anno potato Mont Blanc

A sticky creamy Kagoshima-produced Anno potato paste and a whole topping of Anno potato Mont Blanc. There is no doubt that the vanilla ice cream on the warmed Anno potatoes is a combination.

Nishio Hojicha and Nakayama Chestnut Mont Blanc

A mini version of Hojicha Mont Blanc, which was very popular last year. Nakayama chestnut paste from Aichi prefecture, which has a strong sweetness and is called "phantom chestnut", is sneaked in and wrapped in roasted green tea cream with a mousse texture. The accent is semi-dry yuzu.

Chestnut pumpkin Mont Blanc

Montblanc using Hokkaido chestnut pumpkin cream that you can enjoy the original flavor of pumpkin. Inside, I put jersey milk ice cream and caramel apples with cinnamon scent.

Souffle sandwich

In addition, "Souffle Sandwich (Kuririn Pumpkin, Nakayama Chestnut, Anno Imo)" will be sold at all stores except FLIPPER'S Nagoya LACHIC store. The price ranges from 630 yen to 680 yen.

FLIPPER ’S “Souffle Sandwich”