Komeda Coffee Shop "Soy Ham Katsu Burger"

At Komeda Coffee, "Soy Ham Katsu Burger" using soy meat ham cut will be released on October 20th (excluding some stores). Scheduled to be sold until the end of November (the end of sale depends on the store).

Soy hamukatsu burger

In recent years, soybean meat has been attracting attention from the perspectives of "environmental protection" and "increasing health awareness" with the aim of curbing global warming. The soybean meat, which uses soybeans as the main ingredient instead of meat, reproduces the texture and taste of ham.

"Soy ham cutlet burger" is a burger sandwiched between ham cutlet made from soy meat and shredded cabbage with a good texture. Thickly sliced soy meat ham is fried crispy, combined with plenty of cabbage, and Komeda's special burger sauce is entwined to finish. It has a nostalgic taste that matches the sweetness of ham with the tomato-based burger sauce that has a rich and sour taste.

Komeda Coffee Shop "Soy Ham Katsu Burger"

* Some of the ingredients are of animal origin.

Prices range from 580 yen to 610 yen (depending on the store). You can also To go, so you can enjoy it at the store or at home.