Komeda Coffee Shop "Golden Menchikatsu Burger

Gold Menchikatsu Burger" at Komeda Coffee Shop

Seasonal "Golden Menchikatsu Burger" will go on sale at Komeda Coffee Shop nationwide on March 11 (except for some stores), and will be available until late May. The price including tax is 560 yen/590 yen (varies by store).

The burger sandwich consists of a crispy fried menchikatsu (minced beef and pork mixed together in a golden ratio of 7:3 to bring out the best flavor) and crispy cabbage. The juicy texture of the meat and the crispy texture of the batter can be enjoyed. The burger is also very hearty.

Gold Menchikatsu Burger" from Komeda Coffee Shop

The burger sauce, which is the key to the flavor, is an original tomato-based sauce with a rich yet sour taste. It is a perfect match for the flavorful, condensed meat cutlet.

The key to the burger is the bun, which wraps all the ingredients. The buns are made from high quality flour and fermented at a low temperature for a long time, which is Komeda's speciality. This is a dish that can be enjoyed by both children and adults.