Butter Butler "Butler Selection"

From the sweets brand "Butter Butler", which features butter, the winter-only assortment "Butterer Selection" will be released on October 16th. The price is 3,348 yen for 20 pieces and 5,400 yen for 32 pieces (tax included).

Butler selection

An assortment of the immovable and popular No. 1 "Butter Financier", the unraveling texture "Butter Galette", and the limited-time flavor "Butter Chocolate Financier". This assortment is the only place where you can enjoy the "Butter Chocolate Financier", which is filled with the richness of butter and the deliciousness of chocolate.

Butter Butler "Butler Selection"

Available stores include NEWoMan Shinjuku store, Ecute Edition Shibuya store, Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Smile Tokyo store (special event store), Tokyo Gift Palette store (special event store), etc.

Butter financier

Butter financier using fermented butter from Europe and salt from Guérande from France. The table is crispy and the inside is soaked with maple syrup for a moist finish.

Butter Butler "Butter Financier"

Butter galette

Galette made from French fermented butter, Guérande salt. A traditional French confectionery with a crispy texture that melts in your mouth.

Butter Butler "Butter Galette"